Susanna Recchia

  • performer

    photo by Scotty Hardwig

    Below are the people I have collaborated and worked with:

    Efrosini Protopapa
    2015 – 2016 Friend at work (on-going project) – Conference Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour
    2009 ShowReal
    2008 – 2009 Umm..I…and uh…[revisited] (solo)
    2008 (Dis)Appearing Acts
    2006 Disappearing Acts (in cities of Appearance)
    2004 – 2006 wish + qish and Umm..I…and uh… (solo)
    2005 QUADish-ish
    2004 Waiting for Audi-Audi

    Florence Peake
    2015 The Kneeners
    2014 Shift construct
    2012 – 2013 MAKE and REMAKE

    Gaby Agis
    2014 and 2016 Shouting Out Loud

    Candoco Dance Company
    2012 – 2014 Repertory dance company
    Touring internationally works by:
    Thomas Hauert, Trisha Brown, Emanuel Gat, Wendy Houston, Rachid Ouramdane, Claire Cunnigham, Marc Brew

    Carolyn Roy

    2012 On Being Lost

    Riccardo Meneghini
    2012 Il Trittico

    Exhibition at Barbican Art Centre
    2011 Laurie Anderson, Gordon Matta-Clarke and Trisha Brown. Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s

    Lizzy Lequeue
    2009 – 2011 Duet

    Susan Sentler
    2010 Outdoor performances for Duvetica – Fashion week Pitti Uomo
    Performances at the Museo del Tessuto

    Joe Moran
    2007 Dancing into Work Research week-end

    Siobhan Davies Dance Company
    2007 Jerwood Bank Project in collaboration with led by Deborah Saxon and Sarah Warsop

    Carol Brown Dances
    2007 Glow
    2005 Radiance

    2006 WEST London

    Angela Woodhouse
    2004 Site-specific project, ATP Gallery and Depford CreekSide, London

    Massimiliano Barachini
    2003 Oublique: Things I forgot to tell my dad

    Beatrice Libonati
    2001 Movimento per 4+1

    Daniele Sterpetti
    2000 – 2001 Vista d’interni

    ITT Company directed by Barbara Uccelli
    2000 – 2001 Mana, Parodos, Duo

    ResExtensa directed by Elisa Barucchieri
    2000 – 2001 Scivias, Entropia, Avila (solo)

    Rebecca Pesce
    1999 La meraviglia

    National Dance Academy
    1993 – 1999 Annual performances with various choreographers

    Improvisation in Performance
    2011 with Mark Rowan-Hull – painting, Roger Redgate – violin, Emmanuel Spinelli – objects and toys based on Treatise by Cornelius Cardiew
    2006 trio with dance, drawings and music Caccia all’artista
    2005 Il Tempo del Tra solo with live music organised by Osservatorio Nomade
    2004 Makeshift Negotiations coordinated by Kirstie Simson
    2004 What if… and Cosa accadrebbe se… with Spazio Variabile

    2011 The Body of a Diplomat with 5X collective formed by Andrew Graham, Efrosini Protopapa, Joe Wild, Kathrin Felzmann – TheatreWrede+, Oldenburg, Germany
    2008 with Efrosini Protopapa 1-month residency as performer and workshop facilitator at Dance4, Nottingham
    2007: 1-week residency as performer and workshop facilitator at Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Centre, Athens, Greece

  • teacher

    photo by Sara Marin

    I have been involved in teaching since 1999. During those years I have had the privilege to work with people from 2 to 90 years old, dancers and movers with diverse abilities; nationalities; sexual; religious and political orientations. Dance is for all and, depending on the environment, I shape my teaching to meet the context, the individual and the community.

    I teach dance, improvisation, experiential anatomy, movement research workshops and yoga. I work internationally in higher education, with professional dance companies and organisations, community contexts including hospices for children and elderlies.

    Wherever I am, I teach with a somatic approach to movement. I suggest the possibility of embodying the various anatomical systems to discover our expressive potential and find variations in dynamics, muscular tone and rhythmical choices. I encourage self-reflection, dialogue and collaboration; support curiosity, diversity and autonomy; believe in the importance of finding joy, ease and flow in movement.

    I love full-body energetic activities, wild improvisations that include sound and spoken words as well as restful dances. Through touch, physical and verbal dialogue I work on the relation with other movers and the space we co-habit. I encourage intellectual reflections as well as intuitive drawing and creative writing.

    I practice what I teach and the underlining approach to the work in class is to play seriously combining deep attention and lightness of spirit.

    Higher Education

    LA MANUFACTURE, Lausanne, Switzerland. Embodied History Module and Technical Training
    NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DANCE, Rome. Contemporary Dance Programme: Release Technique and Teaching Methodologies
    NORTHERN SCHOOL of CONTEMPORARY DANCE. Rehearsal Director for VERVE and Lecturer in Creative Studies. Now guest teacher and jury for the audition process
    LABAN: BA(Hons) in Dance Studies: Yoga, Experiential Anatomy, Release Technique and Improvisation
    Education and Community Department: Yoga classes and Summer School
    Trinity/Laban Student Union: Yoga for dancers and Self-care for dancers
    Graduate Assistant in Dance Technique: Release Technique and Improvisation
    COVENTRY UNIVERSITY BA (Hons). Project D-TRACES to introduce Siobhan Davies Archive
    CENTRAL SCHOOL of SPEECH and DRAMA MA Movement Studies. Workshop for the Module: Bodies in Movement
    LONDON CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCHOOL BA(Hons) in Dance. Ballet and Release Technique
    TU DELFT SCHOOL of DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE (NL). Workshops: Finding Orientation, Experiencing Space. and Body Awareness and Perception of Space. Somatic perception, Experiential Anatomy, Reflective Writing and Drawing
    KLASSìSKI LISTDANSSKòLINN Reykjavik, Iceland. Contemporary Dance Programme: Contemporary Dance Technique, Ballet for Contemporary Dancers, Yoga, Improvisation, Creative Repertoire
    TOWER HAMLETS COLLEGE Foundation Course in Dance: Stretch and Relaxation

    Professional Training

    SAREYYET RAMALLAH Palestine. Workshop for teachers interested in inclusive practice in dance
    TONINO SPACE Apulia Italy. Residential workshop in Evolutionary Movement, Experiential Anatomy and Improvisation
    INDEPENDENT DANCE Siobhan Davies Studios. Morning Classes: Experiential Anatomy, Improvisation, Instant Composition, Authentic Movement, Reflective Writing and Drawing
    Organizing and leading Somatic Movement Education classes
    NORWICH DANCE Morning classes. Experiential Anatomy and Improvisation
    TANZFABRIK Berlin, Germany. Morning classes co-taught with Efrosini Protopapa: Improvisation
    CANDOCO DANCE COMPANY Morning classes in preparation for rehearsals: Release Technique, Experiential Anatomy and Improvisation
    ARTICHOKE/Formazione danza ricerca Milan. Workshop: Release Technique and Improvisation
    ISLAND DANCE COMPANY Morning classes in preparation for rehearsals: Release Technique and Yoga
    LAPSUS CORPI Morning classes in preparation for rehearsals: Release Technique, Experiential Anatomy, Improvisation, Instant Composition, Yoga
    HIMHERANDITPRODUCTIONS Morning classes in preparation for rehearsals: Ballet, Release Technique, Yoga
    RESEXTENSA Bari, Italy. Workshop co-taught with Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHOse: Experiential Anatomy
    ATON DINO VERGA DANZA Rome, Italy. Workshop Lo Spazio nel Corpo, il Corpo nello Spazio, Release Technique, Experiential Anatomy and Improvisation

    Community Programmes:

    ROSETTA LIFE London. Art of Touch Project. Movement and Dance in hospices for elderly effected by Dementia and children with terminal illnesses.
    GRUPPO DANZA Milan, Italy. Workshop: Release Technique, Experiential Anatomy and Improvisation
    WOKING DANCE FESTIVAL Dance for health +50. Creative Movement and Dance classes for elderly
    Surrey Arts Dance: Assistant artistic director for Tea Time to Dance (intergenerational project for over 50’s and young people)
    ARTEBALLETTO Teaching dance for children and movement awareness for adults
    VIRTUS and HARMONY. Avezzano, Italy. Release Technique and Creative Movement for teenagers.
    Private ballet classes with a somatic approach.

  • maker

    photo by Christian Kipp

    Untitled Improvisation in Performance devised for the 2nd Year Students of the National Academy of Dance, Rome

    Skin & Land. A Place of Encounter video-dance in collaboration with film maker Ian Pons Jewell – part of the final Somatic Research Module, MA in Dance & Somatic Well-Being (University of Central Lancashire
    An instant of form photo exhibition in collaboration with photographers: Rachel Cherry, Kaushik Chakravorty and Christin Knipp. Shown as part of WHAT NOW in Siobhan Davies Studios
    Moving! video/documentary in collaboration with film maker Ian Pons Jewell as a conclusion of 10 weeks classes organised by Woking Dance Festival.

    non – Making sense for the 2nd Year Student of Klassìski Listdansskòlinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

    2006 – 2007
    A Tale of Proximities and Gravitational Fields – Reworking of the duet SoSo (2004).

    SoSo duet made in collaboration with Priska Lüthi LABAN, London
    A process of life within two parenthesis Installation including an improvised solo, videos and photographs. LABAN, London

    T-here solo for Priska Lüthi, Depford X Event. LABAN, London
    Timeless Resonances video-dance. choreography and video editing. LABAN, London

    I quattro temperamenti quartet for “Premio Grotta di Tiberio”. Sperlonga, Rome

    Essenza duet with Anna Marinelli for the Biennale of European and Mediterranean Young Artists, Rome

  • writing

    Why Struscio? Collective writing by 5X And 5X STRUSCIO #3 by Susanna Recchia in The Swedish Dance History, 2011.

    An Instant of Form. Self-published book in collaboration with photographer Christian Kipp, 2009.

    Performing in translation. On Faithfulness and Betrayal by Francesca Recchia in Dance Theatre Journal. Vol. 22
    no.1. 2006.

    Susanna Recchia – Italiani all’Estero. (interview by Valentina Culatti) in Danza Sì. No. 180. February 2006.